90 min 61,000 yen
120 min 72,000 yen
Mention about「Tokyo Erotic Guide」!!
About 30 years in Yoshiwara, a fierce battlefield of soapland. A careful attentive and hospitable detail. "Ousama to watashi" in the shop suitable for the name of the finest shop can enjoy the exquisite bath time that draws a line with other shops.

In addition, she is enrolled from a famous AV actress to an active model in the store. It will be suffocated by the colorfulness that is available only by a luxury shop.

Carefully selected companion, service full of fulfillment, and each room full of luxury. Please enjoy your luxury space to your heart's content.


まりな (21)
T166 B88 (F) W58 H85

野乃花 (23)
T155 B86 (E) W59 H85

橋沢 (22)
T163 B86 (E) W57 H89

みなみ (21)
T157 B88 (E) W58 H88

ありさ (23)
T168 B88 (E) W58 H84

涼 (22)
T159 B85 (C) W56 H85

あおい (21)
T165 B92 (E) W58 H87

ほなみ (22)
T165 B82 (C) W57 H82

しろ (20)
T149 B86 (D) W57 H84

あいみ (21)
T156 B87 (D) W58 H86

ゆりあ (23)
T165 B90 (F) W56 H85

椿 (22)
T156 B86 (D) W57 H86

真琴 (21)
T155 B88 (E) W58 H84

こころ (21)
T170 B90 (F) W58 H88

れい (23)
T160 B98 (H) W58 H89

琥珀 (21)
T163 B88 (E) W58 H88

なつみ (22)
T156 B83 (C) W58 H85

京香 (24)
T157 B86 (D) W60 H88

あやか (21)
T160 B85 (D) W58 H85

若奈 (22)
T164 B98 (H) W57 H88

琴音 (22)
T160 B90 (F) W56 H87

こゆき (20)
T163 B90 (F) W58 H88

麻耶 (23)
T172 B97 (H) W58 H88

かんな (21)
T163 B88 (E) W58 H86

のゆり (22)
T158 B89 (E) W57 H86

あや (23)
T163 B100 (I) W57 H88

やよい (23)
T162 B86 (D) W58 H83

瞳 (22)
T148 B88 (D) W55 H85

さつき (23)
T156 B90 (F) W57 H87

れみ (23)
T152 B88 (D) W58 H88

あすか (21)
T162 B90 (E) W59 H88